Why Ireland

Why Ireland


Ireland is the land of a thousand Welcomes.  Students across the world are flocking to this country in an ever-competitive race for the many academic opportunities on offer in Irish schools.  Many use the “Irish secondary school system” to gain access and entry to other university systems and colleges.  Ireland is a popular destination for overseas students as it is a relatively safe and welcoming country which is appealing to parents who are considering to send their child abroad.



International students value the top education system provided in Ireland and every Irish school fosters encouragement, support and inclusion of our internationals as they bring cultural diversity and an insight into global education.

Boarding school fees in Dublin and around the island cost significantly less here than in the UK and therefore offer excellent value for money.    While Dublin is a sought-after destination for studying English, it is easy to understand why the West of Ireland is growing in popularity as an international destination.


  1. The quality of living the west of Ireland is greater than in a big city.
  2. County Mayo has become a sought after destination for studying English given its location and its anchorage in history and traditions.
  3. Students become part of one of the best system in the world for higher educational achievements.
  4. Students get equipped with linguistic skills essential in Europe’s most entrepreneurial country as well as in business worldwide.
  5. Students get to join thousands of international students from over 160 countries enjoying Ireland’s vibrant culture;
  6. Students live in one of the friendliest and safest country in the Euro zone.
  7. Students can enjoy and partake in many activities such as surfing, kayaking, canoeing, horse riding, hurling, rugby, soccer, gaelic football, golf, hiking, traditional music and dancing and so much more.
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