Ireland is a world class English study destination which arms every student with more than academic credentials.  It is often quoted as the best country in the world to come and study English.  Yet Ireland is a place of opportunity, social interaction and cultural diversity.


Studying in Ireland offers a life-changing dimension which every international student is privileged to experience.  We, at the Hub, organise cultural trips all over the country so that students can discover the many facades this country has to offer.  They get to learn about the history of this island and admire the fabulous Irish landscapes and scenery.


The International Students’ Hub is a study support portal available to parents and students  (up to the age of 18) all over the world who are considering enrolling in an educational establishment in Ireland.  We provide the following services to both parents and students.


  1. We assist parents in finding the right school and host family.
  2. We communicate via Skype.
  3. We run induction programmes.
  4. We monitor the performance and academic progress.
  5. We assist in the social integration and interaction with Irish students.
  6. We address any concerns the student might have and care for his/her overall well-being.
  7. We intervene should the student experience any difficulties or obstacles.
  8. We are advocates for all international students and so help them to overcome the cultural barriers.
  9. We are easy to contact, talk to and approachable 24/7. Whatever problem students may encounter, we will make every necessary attempt to sort it out.
  10. We organise cultural & historical trips around the country so that students get immersed in every aspect of this country.
  11. We liaise with schools should any additional support be required in whatever subject.
  12. We attend teachers’ meetings on parents’ behalf.
  13. We organise enrolments re applications for the Cambridge examinations.
  14. We work closely with the host families in relation to the general well-being of the student, their relationship and integration in the heart of the family.
  15. We focus on making the stay of every student a very positive experience in every sense of the word.


For more information on how you can register with the International Students’ Hub Ireland please contact us

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