Irish Education System

Irish Education System

Secondary Schools in the West of Ireland (County Mayo)

1.  Standard day schools

Most of the schools we propose were run by religious orders however today the ethos in those schools is still of a religious order.  The most common secondary school is called a voluntary secondary school.

2.  Community and Comprehensive schools are usually co-educational, state run and offer a wide of practical subjects.

3.  Vocational schools tend to run as the community school.

There are no boarding schools in the County Mayo area so International Students attending there live with a local host family.

As illustrated in the link above, second level education provided in the West of Ireland is by voluntary secondary schools, comprehensive & community schools and vocational schools

Private Boarding Schools in Dublin are:

Blackrock College

St Columbas

Alexandra College

Kings Hospital

Second level education

In Ireland, the second level education consists of a three year Junior cycle followed by a two year or three year Senior cycle.

Depending on whether an optional Transition Year is taken following the Junior Certificate examinations, students usually commence the Junior cycle at the age of 12 and the Junior Certificate is taken after 3 years.

Transition Year follows the JC examination.  This year is exempt from formal examinations.  Students are exposed to different life & educational experiences  including work experience.

During their final 2 years in the Senior cycle, students take 1 of 3 programmes, each leading to a State examination:

a.  The established Leaving Certificate or
b.  The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme or
c.  The Leaving Certificate Applied

Please see link in reference to the 3 options.

In the West of Ireland, International Students follow option a.

For more information on the Irish education system, follow this link. www.educationinireland.com/en/

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