Q. Where can I find out about visa requirements for Ireland?

A. Please follow this link to find out information on students studying in Ireland.



Q. Where can I find out about studying in Dublin and the West of Ireland.

A. This website has lots of great information. http://www.educationinireland.com/en/


Q. What sort of accommodation will be arranged?

Some students choose to live with a host family in their home. This way, you have your own independence but still have the home comforts (and some rules) as well as a family to help you settle in to a new way of life in a new country. Staying with a host family can be a great way for students to find their feet in a new country!


Q. Do they speak mainly English or Irish in Ireland?

While Ireland has its own language and distinct cultural identity, English is the universal spoken language and is one of the reasons why so many multinational businesses locate their European base here.


Q. In what part of Ireland does the International Students Hub operate?

The I.S.H operates mainly on the West Coast of Ireland.


Q. Can I do extra English study?

Yes – All students can do extra English study for the preparation to the Cambridge examinations (FCE and CAE)


Q. Who is responsible for my children while they are away?

The International Students Hub is responsible and the legal guardians of the IS in our care while in Ireland.


Q. Is the curriculum the same in each Irish school?

Yes – The Curriculum is the same in all State secondary schools. However, in private schools (boarding) there can be extra curricular activities.


Q. How long is the typical length of stay?

From one semester to a full academic year (*34 weeks) for the State run Irish schools
In private schools international students must enrol for a full academic year (*34 weeks)
Also regulations stipulate that NON EU students must enrol for a full academic year in a boarding school only (*34 weeks)

*please note 34 weeks do not include the school holiday breaks (Halloween, Christmas, mid-term February and Easter breaks)


Q. Can we visit the school and the host family before committing?

Yes – Parents and prospective students are most welcome to visit host families and schools before they commit.


Q. Can we get student insurance?

Yes- Please follow the links below







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