Every school involved with I.S.H promotes academic excellence and carefully monitors both performance and participation.  Inclusion, support and encouragement are provided to each international student by committed teachers and members of staff.


Cycles and Subjects

The educational system in Ireland is one of the best systems in the world which equips every student with motivation, discipline and hard-working ethics.


Junior Cycle (ages 12, 13, 14)

All schools offer a wide range of subjects in Junior Cycle.   The list of subjects can be viewed on each school’s website.    All classes are usually of mixed ability initially, however streaming usually takes place for core subjects in English, Mathematics and modern languages.  All students are encouraged to do their best and aspire to take as many higher subjects as is appropriate.



Transition Year (age 15)

Transition Year is a one year programme immediately following the Junior Certificate year.  In Transition Year, every student gets the opportunity to experience all the subjects available at Senior Cycle, thus making their subject choice an informed one.  In addition to those subjects, students learn about First Aid, Computer Programming, Public Speaking, Drama and many other aspects depending on the school.

Some activities which are available to Transition Year students include Driving Lessons and Road Safety.  They can partake in a school play or musical and be part of a charity association.  They are also exposed to courses on Sexual Health and Diet & Nutrition.  They can also avail of school trips & international excursions to Europe and beyond.  Transition Year focusses particularly on the development of each individual at every level.



Senior Cycle (ages 16, 17)

The Leaving Certificate is a two year programme; students take at least six subjects for the State Leaving Certificate examination.  All subjects are available at Higher and Ordinary levels.  Schools strive to have the widest variety of subjects for their students.  Subjects offered as choices depend on student interest.  Subjects taught in each school can be viewed on the School website.




International students enrolled in Irish schools come from all over the world.   The cocktail of nationalities brings cultural diversity and enjoyment to all communities involved.  We, at the International Student’s Hub, make sure that their voices are heard and expect schools to be inclusive of them and for all international students to participate, so to gain as much as possible, personally out of this journey while in Ireland.

International students enjoy a high quality of care from schools, host families and members of staff at the I.S.H.  Teachers are diligent and committed to their international students.  We, at the Hub, monitor their academic progress and integration in their Irish life.  We are in regular contact with their school and host family. We also care for their well-being and welfare throughout their stay in this country and secure a supportive environment in which effective learning can take place.

International students must achieve a consistent and fair approach to rules and discipline in respect of everyone they are in contact with.  They must show decorum, respect and a will to integrate and participate.

Schools, host families, members of I.S.H. foster in every student a sense of belonging, of self-esteem and of responsibility towards the wider community.

Schools provide appropriate help and guidance for international students and effective channels of communication between them, the school, the host family and the Hub.

They are exposed to broad and balanced curriculum and extensive range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

A guidance and counselling service is available in all I.S.H. schools so that international students can make informed decisions.  Both services help students deal with personal, career and educational issues as they arise.

International students are free to explore and develop their talents and abilities

We help them to develop into mature, responsible adults.

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