About I.S.H.

About I.S.H.

International Students’ Hub is a universal study support forum set up to facilitate and support foreign students prior and during their stay in Ireland.

Our mission at the Hub is to inform and advise parents & students on their options in relation to studying English in Ireland.

We will assist you in finding the right school for you and so make your study experience in Ireland the best it can possibly be.

We are there every step of the way to make your educational journey for both parents and students a happy and fulfilling experience.

The International Students’ Hub Ireland was founded by native French Agnès Laval residing in Ireland for more than 30 years.  A French and Cambridge English teacher by profession, she has also been an International Students Co-ordinator for many years in a boarding school in south Dublin.

There is no better person than her to understand fully the challenges and obstacles that living in a foreign country entail.  In her time as a coordinator, students identified straight away with her and she was instrumental in making their time while in the school a very special experience.  She was always looking out for them and they, in turn felt reassured that someone like her was there for them whenever they encountered difficulties and needed to talk.  She sorted out their problems and gave reassurance to their parents that they were in good hands.  She was there to listen and in time, they grew to understand better the cultural differences so making it easier for them to settle in an environment completely alien to their own.

Agnès’s time as a coordinator has given her the foundation to set up the Hub as a support and reassurance portal for all international students coming to study in Ireland.  The Hub also equips parents with all the confidence, reassurance and safety that any parent seeks about his/her child and particularly so when so far away from home.

Agnès’s commitment to the well-being and general happiness of every international student while in Ireland is unquestionable.  She is the advocate for every international student who is entrusted to I.S.H. by their parents.


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